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      Past events (Archive)

      1. ACA Insurance Day

        1. 22.11.2018
        Organised by ACA
        ACA Insurance Day

        Luxembourg for Finance is pleased to be participating in ACA Insurance Day 2018, taking place in Luxembourg on Thursday 22 November 2018.

      2. ALFI PE RE Conference

        1. 20.11.2018 to 21.11.2018
        Organised by ALFI
        ALFI PE RE Conference

        Luxembourg for Finance will participate in the ALFI PE RE Conference, taking place in Luxembourg on 20-21 November 2018.

      3. ALFI Scandinavia Roadshow

        1. 23.10.2018
        Organised by ALFI
        ALFI Scandinavia Roadshow

        Luxembourg for Finance is pleased to be attending the ALFI Scandinavia Roadshow, taking place in Stockholm on 23 October and in Copenhagen on 24 October 2018.

      4. Bloomberg Investment Summit 2019

        1. 11.10.2018
        Organised by Bloomberg
        Bloomberg Investment Summit 2019

        Luxembourg for Finance is co-hosting the Bloomberg Investment Summit 2019 at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg bringing together over 200 senior investment professionals, private bankers, advisors and wealth managers to discuss the key trends of the upcoming year.