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      Corporate Finance

      Due to its favourable environment in terms of political, legal, economic, financial and tax stability, numerous international groups have decided to establish their head office in Luxembourg.

      Long standing experience in the area of wealth management has enabled Luxembourg banks to acquire extensive knowledge of the financial services required by large and medium sized companies. Thus, they propose financial solutions that optimise financing and asset holding structures, cash management, the construction of pension funds and share option plans, as well as assisting in the acquisition and sale of companies and the management of intellectual property.

      Banks can set up structures that are based on Luxembourg-specific products, such as the SOPARFI (société de participations financières), fiduciary (trust) structures, various types of investment company and the latest vehicles for the optimisation of financial administration including the SICAR (venture capital investment company) and securitisation vehicles.

      Luxembourg banks have acknowledged expertise in administering companies domiciled in different international jurisdictions and can call on the assistance of extensive international networks.