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      Financial Engineering

      With 75% of Luxembourg companies active cross-border, Luxembourg financial services firms have long standing experience of internationally active corporate clients, making them particularly well placed to support entrepreneurs with business interests in several jurisdictions.

      A wide range of services on offer extend from the analysis, design and realisation of the optimal structure for holding liquid or non liquid assets, through to the choice of the best vehicle for financing mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of companies or the organisation of family holdings with a view to their quotation on a stock market or tax and inheritance planning.

      Financial services firms can engineer solutions based on structures offered in other European jurisdictions and on products that are specific to Luxembourg, such as the SOPARFI (société de participations financières), a company that undertakes holding and financing activities, fiduciary structures, different forms of investment company and specially designed vehicles such as the investment company in risk capital (société d’investissement en capital à risque – SICAR) or the securitisation vehicle.