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      Ancillary & Supporting Services

      Companies doing business in Luxembourg can call on a broad range of specialised service providers capable of assisting them in the launch and ongoing management of their activities in the Grand Duchy: lawyers, public notaries, tax advisers, consultants, accountants, auditors and others.

      Access to this group of recognised service providers is strictly regulated by various legal texts.

      Today, the status of Financial Sector Professional (known by its French acronym, PSF) has been gradually extended to include a range of services that are complementary to the financial sector. In response to the increasing specialisation of these activities, all physical and moral persons with a professional activity in the financial sector are subject to authorisation and ongoing supervision by the financial sector supervisory authority (the Commission de surveillance du secteur financier - CSSF).

      The law is designed to facilitate the outsourcing of non-core activities, while ensuring that the services offered conform to a high standard and to the professional confidentiality required in the sector.

      Ancillary services

      The infrastructure of the financial centre is rounded off by the Luxembourg stock exchange, recognised as a major listing centre by international borrowers, Clearstream, one of the principal European clearing institutions for interbank settlements and transferable securities, and Cetrel, the electronic cash transfer centre, which specialises in high tech payment systems and is the leading European centre for the management of electronic payment systems and automated banking operations.