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      Fund Administrators

      The law stipulates that the central administration of a Luxembourg investment fund must be situated in Luxembourg.

      However, this does not mean that every investment fund has to set up its own administration agent: this can be delegated to a third party.

      Fund administration & investor services

      The rise of the collective investment sector in Luxembourg has been accompanied by the emergence of an impressive number of professional agencies that specialise in the provision of fund administration and investor services.

      The range of services offered vary from one provider to another but generally includes :

      • fund accounting
      • calculation of the net asset value
      • maintenance of the shareholder/unitholder register
      • handling of purchase and redemption orders
      • investor reporting
      • the preparations of financial accounts

      Various more or less sophisticated services may be added, depending on the complexity of the fund and the degree of outsourcing desired by the promoter.