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      Luxembourg City holds a special position in the legal sphere, since in addition to the national courts it has been the seat of the European Court of Justice since its creation in 1953.

      More than 1,000 lawyers, a quarter of whom are foreigners, are listed as members of the Luxembourg Bar, their professional organisation. These vary from generalist lawyers who are active in a range of fields to lawyers who specialise in particular aspects of the law, some practicing as individuals and others as members of firms. Increasing numbers of legal firms specialise in business law, notably banking and finance law.

      The Law of 10 August 1991 (as amended) on the profession of lawyer has laid down clear rules of access to this profession. In principle it gives lawyers a monopoly on pleading in court and offering legal advice. Under this legislation, any lawyer established in Luxembourg exercises his or her profession as an independent and is subject to the rule of professional secrecy as well as to stringent rules of professional conduct.